Manconi 330 IK SA US Slicer

13" Blade Gravity Feed Semi Automatic Slicer

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Product Overview

The Kolossal 330 IK SA US is a technologically superior automatic slicer with all the great characteristics of the manual model, of which it keeps the great sliding and large cutting capacity.

This machine is also available with a self-locking clamping device and a transparent and removable remnant holder and sliding plate (AB option) or an aluminium and removable remnant holder (EF option). The automatic function is simple, intuitive and easy to use

Product Description
  • Gear box transmission

  • Automatic or manual operation with outstanding smoothness

  • Automatic slicing process improved by 3 different stroke lengths and 3 different speed modes

  • Built-in sharpener, right way available and easy to be used

  • Great capacity and precision slicing

  • Low loading height; reduced lifting and strain of the operator

  • Carriage with spiked and swinging remnant holder

  • Ultra smooth, polished aluminum surfaces and carefully machined slip grooves; reduced friction and simplified cleaning

  • Compact design; reduced counter space

  • Tilting away carriage; sharpener, blade guard, product deflector and sharpened remnant holder removable for a well done cleaning

  • Integral motor overload protection

  • Adjustable food fence In compliance with European Norms: 2006/42/EC (machinery standards); 2006/95/EC (low voltage directive); 2004/108/EC (electromagnetic compatibility directive); 2011/65/UE (RoHS directive); 1935/2004/EC (food material directive) and their next updates. Follow also next harmonised standards: EN 1974:1988 + A1:2009 (slicing machines-safety and hygiene requirements); EN 60204-1 (safety of machinery); EN 55014 (electromagnetic compatibility); D.M. 21/03/73 (hygienic food tools requirements); 10/2011/UE (food grade plastic directive); and their next updates

  • NSF, UL and CSA listed

Product Info

BRAND: Manconi
CATEGORY: Meat Slicer

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