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We provide food processing facilities with an all-in-one solution for cutlery exchange, specialty sharpening and food equipment purchases and maintenance.

Serving food processors nationwide

We partner with food processors to provide sharpening services, food equipment, maintenance and merchandise, at an exceptional value to keep your operation running smoothly.

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A single call for all of your foodservice needs

Our innovative approach of pairing sharpening programs with food equipment sales & maintenance offers a full-suite of services that other companies cannot match.

Customized programs to fit the needs of your processing facilities. Our professional knives are hand-delivered to your locations weekly or at the frequency you desire. Save upfront costs and reduce accidents with high-quality, always sharp knives.

Offering the best brands in meat slicers, mixers & grinders, food vacuum sealers, wrappers and other equipment. Flexible leasing and payment options.

Preventative maintenance to keep your business running without interruption, as well as emergency equipment repair and loaner service.

We sharpen most common brands of commercial food equipment, including food processors and choppers, slicers, grinder plates & blades and can openers.

Easily restock on essentials like glove, cutting boards, equipment parts, labels and wrappers— and best of all—hand-delivered to you with your weekly knife exchanges.

"We are extremely pleased to be using FoodPrep for our sharpening services. Our knives are always sharp. The FoodPrep team consistently takes care of us and provides us with great service."
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Mike Saluzzi

VP of Sales

Helping businesses of all sizes improve their operations and profitability through customized cutlery exchange, specialty sharpening and food equipment programs. Over 25 years of experience working for industry leading companies.