Professional knife sharpening

Our cutlery exchange program provides commercial quality cutlery to you every week, delivered to your location(s). Always sharp, clean and well-maintained.

How cutlery exchange works

Instead of purchasing your own knives and sharpening them, FoodPrep Solutions provides all of your knives, then hand delivers the clean and professionally sharpened cutlery to your location(s) on a weekly basis.

Getting started

Cutlery plan

Our team works with you to determine the mix of commercial knives and frequency of sharpening that fits your needs.

Cutlery delivery

Professionally cleaned and sharpened knives are delivered in-person by us. Changes to your plan are easy to make.

Manage account

Easily manage your account options and billing. Auto-payment options and digital invoices make recordkeeping simple.

Benefits of cutlery exchange

Professional knife sharpening saves time, money and ensures your kitchen can operate at maximum efficiency,  leaving your staff to do what they do best – prepare and serve food.

Breakages, wear-and-tear, accidents and loss all add up to unpredictable cutlery costs. Instead, we work with you to craft a cutlery plan that fits your specific kitchen’s needs from our catalog of over 200 commercial knives designed for high performance.

Our knives are sharpened to the same exacting standard every time, resulting in a predictable edge.

Better allocate the time from your already stretched staff to tasks that they’re experts at — instead of knife sharpening.

Dull knives reduce efficiency and create the potential for onsite accidents.

We have over 200 different commercial grade knives

Contact us for our full catalog.

Knife sharpening FAQ

How much does knife sharpening cost?

What’s the most efficient and cost effective way to keep your knives sharp: do it yourself or hire a service?

gloved hand sharpening a knife

How commercial knives are sharpened

Our knives are hand-ground to very precise specifications. Our hollow grinding process produces a thin bevel that allows our knives to slice effortlessly through even the toughest kitchen prep.

Knife safety & care tips

Knives that are properly used and maintained allow chefs and kitchen staff to make cleaner cuts, increase productivity, present beautiful dishes, and stay safe.

Do you offer kosher sharpening?

We're the leading provider of Kosher sharpening solutions and retain the highest level of rabbinical supervision.

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Knife exchange free trial

Get two weeks of complimentary knife exchange services