Berkel 330M Prosciutto Slicer

13" Manual Fly Wheel Slicer

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BERKEL_330M Stand
BERKEL_330M Stand
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Product Overview

Perfect for slicing pieces of delicious prosciutto, signature meats, and cheeses right before your customers’ eyes, this slicer pairs a precision knife with a low-resistance flywheel, classic design, and warm red color. It’s ideal for specialty shops and delis, or any establishment looking for an authentic machine to provide tissue thin slices of meats as well as an addition to the aesthetics of your business.

Product Description
  • Finish/Construction: All food contact areas are stainless steel, anodized aluminum or painted including the pusher, gauge plate, product table, center plate, knife ring guard and one-piece base. Slicer disassembles quickly without tools for easy cleaning.
  • Knife: Nominal 13″ (330 mm) diameter, hollow ground, hardened and polished forged chromium-plated carbon steel.
  • Cutting Capacity: Carriage handles food up to 73⁄4″ (200 mm) high by 11″ (280 mm) wide or 73⁄4″ (200 mm) diameter
  • Slice Thickness: Precision system provides slice adjustment and consistent cuts of hot or cold meats and cheese from tissue thin to 3⁄16″ (5 mm).
  • Knife Sharpener: Integral top mounted, two stone, dual- action system for a lasting, razor-sharp edge.
  • Knife Ring Guard: Rear guard covers non-slicing portion of knife edge.
  • Manual Operation: No motor.
  • Warranty: All parts, service and travel coverage for one year, excluding wear items

Stand With Castors, Pedestal Stand

Product Info

MODEL #: 330M
CATEGORY: Prosciutto Slicer

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