BIRO MINI-32 Mini Mixer Grinder

3HP Size 32 Auto Feed Grinder

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Biro Mini 32
Biro Mini 32
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Product Overview

The BIRO MINI-32 Automatic Feed Mixer Grinder with Flared Hopper makes it easier than ever to improve productivity. Its 60 lb. (27 kg) capacity accepts full lugs that let you grind only the amounts you need to keep the case full and still keep your grinds as fresh as possible. You can use the same grinder for all of your ground products because the MINI-32 is quick and easy to disassemble and clean. All of the pieces are light so you can just carry them to the sink, wash them up, reassemble the machine and go on to the next batch. The MINI-32 is ergonomic so the operator doesn’t have to lift a lug over their head or bend over to fill a tray. Ease of loading is a benefit with the newly designed flared hopper. The 3HP drive motor gives you the power you need to grind fresh ground meat, sausage, or poultry all day. So break away from the daily grind and keep your ground meat as fresh as possible with the BIRO Model MINI-32.

Product Description

Model: MINI-32 Mixer Grinder (mini automatic feed).

Switch: 3 phase, watertight magnetic w/ thermal overload and under voltage protection1 phase, utilizes variable frequency drive (VFD).

Power Cord: 10 Ft. 14 GA – 4 wire cord, with 4 prong twist lock 250 volt 20A plug, 60 Hz, 3 PH.10 Ft. 12 GA – 3 wire cord, 50/60 Hz, 1 PH.

Hopper Capacity: Up to 60 lbs. (27 kg).

Grinding Capacity: Up to 60 lbs. (27 kg) per min., 1st grind, 3/8” (9 mm) plate.

Drive System: Double reduction gear box, timing-belt/chain.
Construction: Stainless steel frame, tub, and lid; Cast iron, hot tin dipped Size 32 bowl, ring, and auger.

Safety: Magnetic interlock on tub and lid.

Standard: No inlet (solid tub), removable for easier cleaning • spurt guard • ring wrench • operating and safety manual • stainless steel grinder stand with 5” Dia. total-lock swivel casters with prevenz additive. Options (EC): Size 32 knives and plates • flat curved blade mixer paddle • pneumatic or electric footswitch • stainless steel bowl assembly • stainless steel stuffing tube • stainless steel casters and ball bearings. Certifications: N.S.F., (U.L., U.L.-C, 3ph only)

Weight (approx.):Uncrated 445 lbs. (202 kg) w/ grinder stand.
Crated 550 lbs. (249 kg) w/ grinder stand.
Export crated 692 lbs. (314 kg) w/ grinder stand.

Dims. Crated:

L = 49” (1244 mm), W = 38” (965 mm),H = 65” (1651 mm).


Stainless Steel Bowl and Worm Pneumatic Foot Switch

Product Info

CATEGORY: Mixer Grinder

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