Digi AW-5600AT integrated weigh-wrap-label system

Auto Weigh-Wrap-Label System

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Product Overview

AW-5600AT is a high-performance automatic weigh-wrap-label system designed for operational comfort and environmental friendliness. Reduces work load with easy and simplified operation, and conserves film and label consumption to achieve lower cost and a smaller environmental footprint.

All-in-one Wrapping Solution
With the AW-5600AT, you can weigh, wrap, and label all with a single machine and one operator. The operation itself is a cinch. Please enjoy the following video to learn about the concept and benefits of this solution.

High productivity
Increases productivity with high speed processing of up to 36 packages a minute, reduced need for film replacement, and a larger operation panel. Label content can be checked on the display at any time, helping to prevent labeling errors. Automatically determines the optimum wrapping conditions for commodity sizes fed into the machine.

Economical & Ecological
Super-stretch technology makes the best use of film and helps reduce film usage, while linerless labels eliminate wasteful margins and help reduce label consumption. An energy conservation mode helps reduce power consumption while the machine is not operating. These features provide both economy and a smaller ecological footprint.

Product Description
  • Integrated with optional POP and Bottom Labeler, performs all the labeling in one process.

  • Optional POP Labeler:
    Prints and applies a POP label simultaneously with the main price label

  • Optional Bottom Labeler:
    Prints and applies an additional label onto the bottom of the package

  • Labeling options:
    AW-5600AT can be equipped with several labeler options.
    Twin labeler POP labeler Bottom labeler

  • Wireless Bridge

  • Extended Legs

Product Info

MODEL #: AW-5600AT
CATEGORY: Label System

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