BIRO F1000N Food/Patty Forming Machines

1/2HP 22lb Hopper Patty Former

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Product Overview

The BIRO F1000N, Food/Patty Forming Machine was designed as an entry level machine for any size business. This NEW machine can deliver up to 1,300 cycles per hour. Featuring a ½ HP (.37Kw) motor for single speed operation. The machine also comes standard with a Stainless Steel Feed Paddle, a 22 pound (4.2 Gal.) hopper capacity, and an Auto-feed patty paper attachment with sample paper. The key feature of the F1000N is the compact footprint and ease of cleaning. Disassembly of the machine for cleaning is done all by hand, no tools required. The drum mold die in the drum allows the operator to select product weights by changing the drum die depth (thickness) up to 1¼” (32 mm). You do not need different die cups, plates or tools each time you want to change weights. A large number of drum mold die shapes are available. They vary from the standard round shapes of different diameters, to special shapes such as square, oval, rectangle, fish, cutlet, heart, chicken leg, chicken nuggets, rabbit, bone, tree, pork chop, etc.

Product Description
  • The castings are made of anticorrodal thermically treated with innovative material for food, while all the other components have been made of stainless steel. These parts are particularly fit to resist the corrosive agents of the products used and are in conformity with the hygienic regulations for food

  • The moving parts are started by an electronic motor and the movement transmission operates through a chain and mechanism

  • The hopper, the paddle, the conveyor belt, the drum and the accessories are easily disassembled to effect a regular cleaning.

  • The thickness of the product is adjustable

  • The quantity of the hamburgers produced per hour can be varied on request in the
    models with current continue motors

  • The hopper and the moving of the product operate in a continuous way and this
    allows a homogenous dough

  • The controls are easily identifiable and suitable to prevent accidental starting

  • The transmission parts are located inside the crankcase

  • The machine is equipped with a device which allows the cleaning of the roll during
    functioning (scraper) and permits the separation of the products

  • Different drums are available, suitable o the forming of products with different

  • On request, the machine can be supplied with electrical motors of different tensions.


Multiple Drum Sizes

Product Info

MODEL #: F1000N
CATEGORY: Food Former

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