BIRO 822SS Manual Feed Grinder

1HP 20lb Manual Feed Grinder

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BIRO 822ss
BIRO 822ss
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Product Overview

The BIRO 722 / 822SS / 922SS Series of Manual Feed Grinders is a group of reliable, durable, and inexpensive service grinders designed for restaurants, meat departments, and hunters. All of these grinders have specially constructed motors, which gives you all of the power and output you need in a grinder. All models are equipped with a single reduction HTD (high torque drive) belt system that provides maximum power without slippage for greater productivity. The bowl assembly and feed tray on each of the models can be removed without tools. Their simple, rugged construction gives you a grinder that is easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. With a 22 head size and straight or flared throat, you can choose the grinder that’s right for you. Reliability, durability, and low maintenance – BIRO Service Grinders.

Product Description
  • Low resistance fly-wheel for smooth, easy slicing.
  • Rear knife guard.
  • Classic styling with the “traditional” Berkel red color.
  • Integrated two stone sharpener.
  • 13″ hollow ground knife.
  • Clamping device for solidly holding the product.
  • Automatic feeding of the product into the knife.
  • Handles product 7 3⁄4″ high by 11″ wide.
  • Slices product 7 3⁄4″ round.
  • Slicing up to 3⁄16″ in thickness.
  • Stainless Steel Bowl and Worm
Product Info

MODEL #: 822SS 

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